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People can feel down and sad for many reasons, stress at work, worrying about friends or family. But feeling low can get you down and can have implications for your relationships and work life. NHS choices has a very good online Mood Assessment Quiz and advice which may help you decide where to go next.

If you feel you need to talk to someone right away, the Samaritans offers a telephone service staffed 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. You can contact them on 08457 90 90 90.

Road to Wellbeing

You may want to have a look at the Gwent Five Ways to Wellbeing Website. The Five Ways to Wellbeing is the equivalent of ‘five fruit and vegetables a day’. They are five simple things that can improve and help support mental well-being.

You can also access the Road to Wellbeing courses, Stress control and Activate your life, which are free non interactive lecture type courses, held locally.

If you have been feeling low and depressed for more than a few weeks or you are finding your symptoms are making everyday life more difficult then make an appointment to discuss things with your doctor.

Online help

There are also some very good self help websites which may help you cope with how you are feeling at the moment. They are based on the principle of CBT – Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.  Your doctor may also have advised you to have a look at some of these below:

Living Life to the Full

Mood Gym

You can also access some self help sites below:

Mood Juice

Anxiety Canada

Young Minds

Feeling Overwhelmed


Guidance for parents Self-harm parents experiences at

If you have smart phone, you could consider having a look at these useful apps.  Just search on your phone/tablet App Store:

  • Mind shift – a free app which looks at overcoming anxiety
  • Whats Up? – a free app designed to help cope with depression, anxiety, anger, stress and more
  • Head Space – a free app to help you reframe stress using mindfulness.  Relax with guided mediations and mindfulness techniques
  • Calm Harm – a free app that provides tasks that help to distract you, and manage the urge to self harm.
  • Insight Timer – a free app which contains meditations and mindfulness exercises.

Mental Health Resources for COVID-19


You may find some of these resources helping, particularly relating the the COVID-19 Pandemic:

MIND – mental health charity with fantastic resources, including a specific area for COVID related mental health issues

Beating the isolation blues – wellbeing pack developed in the North West to help deal with wellbeing during COVID

Helpers – 6-week course using psychological theory to support mental health during COVID

Coping with coronavirus – Self-help guides and information written by psychologists from UCL

Headspace – mindfulness app

Sleep council – for all things sleep-related

Sleepstation – sleep improvement programme, now free in some parts of the UK via NHS support

CalmHarm App (good for young people too) – to help manage self-harm urges

SHOUT – 24/7 crisis helpline – just text to 85258

Bereavement support – NHS search engine to find services in your area

Bereavement support through CRUSE

Relationship difficulties – free online sessions

Exercise – free exercise plans/videos including pilates, yoga etc. through NHS

Breathing with your belly – abdominal breathing to reduce stress and anxiety

Children and Young People

Think Ninja – mental health support app for 10-18 year olds

Princes Trust – excellent signposting information for mental health issues for young people

Happy Maps – excellent website with information, resources and signposting for children of all ages and parents

Young Minds – mental health support for children and young people, up to age 19

CHUMS – mental health support for children and young people

Book recommendation for children with anxiety

Very good for parents too! -‘What to do when you worry too much. A kid’s guide to overcoming anxiety.’ by Dawn Huebner, published by the American Psychological Association

Please also look at our Child and Family Support page.